Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Next Step

I find it interesting and somewhat amusing that my life never seems to go the way I plan it. God likes to mix things up on me. While I was in India I did a lot of praying about what I would do when I got back to Canada. There was really only one thing that was clear to me and that was that I needed to spend some time in Canada for a while and not run off to another foreigner country for an extended period of time, which had been my original plan. I knew coming back to Canada that I needed to take some time to take care of some health issues before I could go back to work. I am very glad that antibiotics cleared up the bacterial infection that I picked up while in India and I've started some new treatment for my sciatic nerve problems. (Look for more info on that in a future blog post.)

I knew that with the back pain I've been experiencing for so long that I would not be able to return to my former job at the personal care home even though I loved that job. I did think that maybe I could take an eight month program geared toward that field while I tried to get my back straightened out. I wasn't super keen on the idea of going back to school right now but I decided that I would do my part of sending in an application and that God could decide from there. I sent in my application while I was still in India and I was pretty confident that I would get in. I was actually pretty shocked when some circumstances out of my control arose that delayed me acceptance until it was too late and all the places were filled. "Um, ok God. I did say it was your decision on whether I got in or not. So what do you have you sleeve for me now???"

Shortly after I had returned from India and before I had found out that I wasn't going to school I had received an email from Stan Helton, the dean of Western Christian College, asking if I would be looking for work in the fall. That wasn't in my plans but out of curiosity I replied asking why. He informed me that there was a likely possibility he would be in need of a new college registrar and he thought I would be a could candidate for the job. To be completely honest, I laughed out loud when I got that email. I can't help but wonder if God was laughing right along with me, knowing exactly what he was planning.

Some different things happened that lead me to at least begin praying about whether I should apply for the position. In the end I submitted my resume with the mindset that I took the step but that it was God's decision from there. On Thursday I got a call from WCC offering me the position starting on Monday. And God, being the amazing God that he is, already had a home and roommate lined up for me before I even got the job!

In some ways I am sad to be leaving Saskatoon again so soon. I love being close to my family, Lisa, Paul and Cadence and I love the church here. At the same time Regina is not too far from Saskatoon that I can't make regular trips back here. I'm already planning on being back next weekend. And I do have a lot of good friends in Regina as well. I'm both excited and nervous about this new phase of my life that is about to start. Mostly I am excited about the ministry opportunity that this new job is. God is so good to me and I am so grateful!

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You'll do a great job and you'll be an asset to the college young adults there.