Saturday, December 06, 2008

Not About Cake For A Change

On the right hand side of my blog is a cluster map. It is a visual representation of the number and location of the people who have visited my blog during a certain time period. If you click on the map you can see an enlarged version. Just the other day I went to look at my map and discovered that it provided me with a list of total visits to my blog by country. I thought it was pretty cool. So this list is the number of visits that have been made to my blog between May 1, 2008 and November 26, 2008. I have to say that I'm pretty surprised that there were less hits from Brazil than from the UK. India's rating didn't surprise me too much since I was actually living there and blogging from there for about half of the time that this data is collected from. Anyway, some randomness for you that doesn't involve a cake. :)

Current Country Totals
From 1 May 2008 to 26 Nov 2008

United States (US)2,108
Canada (CA)1,293
India (IN)539
United Kingdom (GB)350
Brazil (BR)156
Australia (AU)73
Germany (DE)55
Europe (EU)39
France (FR)39
Netherlands (NL)30
Spain (ES)28
Italy (IT)26
Turkey (TR)22
United Arab Emirates (AE)21
Norway (NO)20
Singapore (SG)20
Korea, Republic of (KR)20
Philippines (PH)19
Malaysia (MY)18
Israel (IL)18
Hong Kong (HK)18
Thailand (TH)16
Poland (PL)16
Sweden (SE)15
Pakistan (PK)15
Switzerland (CH)15
Denmark (DK)14
Japan (JP)14
New Zealand (NZ)13
Romania (RO)12
Ireland (IE)12
South Africa (ZA)11
Saudi Arabia (SA)10
Mexico (MX)9
Belgium (BE)9
Portugal (PT)9
Indonesia (ID)9
China (CN)8
Austria (AT)8
Czech Republic (CZ)8
Greece (GR)7
Malta (MT)6
Colombia (CO)5
Peru (PE)5
Morocco (MA)5
Finland (FI)5
Argentina (AR)5
Hungary (HU)5
Bulgaria (BG)5
El Salvador (SV)5
Vietnam (VN)5
Russian Federation (RU)4
Egypt (EG)4
Nepal (NP)4
Oman (OM)4
Venezuela (VE)4
Chile (CL)4
Puerto Rico (PR)4
Sri Lanka (LK)4
Guatemala (GT)4
Kuwait (KW)4
Serbia (RS)3
Jamaica (JM)3
Taiwan (TW)3
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR)3
Estonia (EE)3
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)2
Moldova, Republic of (MD)2
Iceland (IS)2
Uruguay (UY)2
Latvia (LV)2
Panama (PA)2
Lithuania (LT)2
Ecuador (EC)2
Slovenia (SI)2
Bahrain (BH)2
Qatar (QA)2
Bangladesh (BD)2
Tunisia (TN)2
Lebanon (LB)2
Croatia (HR)2
Cyprus (CY)2
Bahamas (BS)1
Kenya (KE)1
Algeria (DZ)1
Maldives (MV)1
Zambia (ZM)1
Georgia (GE)1
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)1
Aruba (AW)1
Senegal (SN)1
Netherlands Antilles (AN)1
Yemen (YE)1
Ukraine (UA)1
Costa Rica (CR)1
Macedonia (MK)1
Dominica (DM)1


Nadine Janzen said...

hey pamela,
how do you get one of those tracking things for your blog. i'd like to find out how many people read mine and where they are from. if you could help me out with that i'd really appreciate it. thanks and merry christmas. love ya!

Ian said...

Wow, what would happen if every person who read your blog made a comment? Maybe it is a good thing that people are too busy to comment.

Anonymous said...

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