Monday, June 09, 2008

Five Months

Today marks five month since we left Canada. That means that in two weeks from today I will be back in Saskatoon. We are leaving Guwahati in four days. FOUR DAYS! It feels surreal. I've already started to assemble the complicated puzzle that is the contents of my suitcases. I'm beginning to think that packing could be considered and art form.

This is my travel schedule:

June 14
12:00pm, depart Guwahati - 1:10pm, arrive in Kolkata.

June 17
1:45am, depart Kolkata - 5:40am arrive in Bangkok.
8:00am, depart Bangkok - 11:45am arrive in Hong Kong.

June 19
12:45pm, depart Hong Kong - 10:00am arrive in Vancouver.

June 22
7:25pm, depart Victoria - 9:45pm arrive in Calgary.
10:40pm, depart Calgary - 11:45pm arrive in Saskatoon.

The McPerhouses will be hanging out in Calcutta for a few days and then spending a few days in Hong Kong with Harmony. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Calcutta than I did the first time but I'm not looking forward to the heat and humidity that we are going to encounter there. They tell me that it's worse than Guwahati, which is hard for me to imagine. I am really looking forward to seeing Harm again and eating some incredible Chinese food. That's probably my favorite memory of our first time in Hong Kong. Such good food! The McPerhouses will be parting ways once we hit Vancouver. I'm heading to Victoria to hang out with my old high school friend Crystal Peckett and the rest of them are headed to Regina. I can hardly wait to see Crystal again and have her show me her BC world. I'm also looking forward to getting home to Saskatoon and seeing my family and friends again. If you're in the Saskatoon area give me a call after the 22nd and we'll catch up.

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Heather said...

2 weeks and you'll be home - wow hard to believe it's coming up so fast.

Mixed emotions for you these next 2 weeks I bet...great memories, expereinces...but I bet you won't miss the ants!!