Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Journey Home - HK and Victoria

My India adventure ended with Hong Kong and then Victoria. I loved Hong Kong the second time around almost as much as the first. That city has everything a person could want. We had some good adventures and ate some great food which was just what I expected. I didn't take many pictures this time but here is a noteworthy one of me and my Rayshma taken at Hong Kong Park. Life just isn't the same without my Rayshma around. :(

When we finally arrived in Vancouver (I think it was a 13 point something hour long flight) I was asking myself why I had thought it was a good idea to schedule 4 days in Victoria instead of just going straight home to Saskatoon. That feeling didn't last long however. Pretty much as soon as I left the airport I was glad I was there. My first highlight was meeting some Brazilians on the bus to the ferry. I love speaking Portuguese with random Brazilian strangers. It's amazing to me how I can become someones new best friend just for the simple fact that I speak their language. I wonder if it is like that with all people or just Brazilians??? I was blown away by the ferry ride to the island. The whole weekend in Victoria reinforced the simple fact that I am definitely a prairie girl. I loved Victoria and I kept telling Crystal that I could easily consider relocating there. My only problem would be that I would have no time for work because I would be too busy playing all the time. :) Peckett and I both love to take pictures so we did a lot of that. If you're on facebook you've probably seen all of these already but I'm posting them here anyway.

Peckett at the lookout on top of Mt. Doug.

Also taken on Mt. Doug.

Feeding the seals at Fisherman's Warf. There were really cool houseboats here.

Another Pamela is definitely a prairie girl moment.

We found some really cool trees in Beacon Hill Park.

Almost like a hammock.

Taken at Balmacarra Beach

You can't tell but this tree was actually hanging out over a cliff...I don't like heights, I was being brave!

I really like driftwood.

Maybe the coolest piece of driftwood I saw all weekend.

Crystal and her fiancé, Brian. They weren't yet engaged at the time of this photo.

So good spending time with this wonderful girl! I really enjoyed having her show me around "her island"

This was taken at Island View Beach.

My new little driftwood home.

Hiking at Pickles' Bluff...what kind of a name is that? And why is Crystal on her cell phone in the middle of the bush?

Watching the sunset off of the breakwater at Ogden Point.

And this was maybe the most random thing I saw while in Victoria. Darth Vader playing the violin. weird.

Crystal thank you so much for an amazing and unforgettable weekend. You made coming home incredibly special for me! You also stuck with me during the worst of my jet lag which is impressive! I think I may be slightly sillier when I haven't slept in 36 hours. Or maybe just less understandable. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela Stonehouse from Pamela Stonehouse in Victoria! I googled myself and found you too.
Nice to know my name is shared with someone who bakes such awesome cakes!
Pam Stonehouse