Friday, July 11, 2008

Nasty-India-Sickness aka Campylobacteriosis

The verdict is in, my Nasty-India-Sickness that followed me back to Canada has a name. When I got the call I actually had to ask the guy to spell it for me because even after he had said it once or twice I still wouldn't have been able to repeat it. C-A-M-P-Y-L-O-B-A-C-T-E-R-I-O-S-I-S. Now try saying that ten times fast! According to my new friend from the centre of infectious disease control it is a bacterial infection that I most likely acquired from eating infected poultry, pork or beef or drinking unpasteurized milk. He gave me more information than I could ever want on the bacteria and asked me a lot of questions about my travel history and symptoms. I was on the phone with him for at least a half hour. He also told me that normally they don't treat this with antibiotics and just let it run it's course but since I have had symptoms for so long that it would be a good idea to go back to see my doctor so he can prescribe something. So it is back to the doctor for me! And of course after I got off the phone I googled my newly named disease and found a pretty picture of the campylobacter for you all to see.

P.S. The doctor prescribed me some super-antibiotics and so I'm now hopefully on my way to a full recovery! :)


Anonymous said...

Hope the antibiotics will fix you up!

Flu said...

This "campylobacter" posting, completely useful..