Monday, November 17, 2008

Finale Cake from Wilton's Course 3

This was the finale cake that I made in Wilton's Course 3. The bottom tier is a butter pecan cake, torted, with a layer of chocolate cake in between. The top tier is chocolate. They are both filled and iced with cappuccino icing and then covered in rolled fondant. The flowers are petunias done in Royal Icing and the border is done in butter cream. I'm not a fan of the pillar look, I prefer the stacked tiered cake over this. I took this one to work with me and fed it to people. :o)

It has obviously taken me a long time to get this posted. I'll admit that I haven't been very inspired to write much on here lately and when I have had something to post, like the above cake, I haven't had the time to do it. :( I've been trying to catch up on reading other people's blogs recently. Maybe I can also improve in the area of keeping my own blog up to date....we'll see.


ann said...

You are so remarkably talented!!!

Carrie said...

Hey There! I came across your blog while i was checking for pics, I've read a few entries.. U've done an outstanding job on the cakes.. I love the colours and the ideas! Do u by any chance have a recipe for frosting(i think dats what its called, the one dat goes in between layers of a cake)?I'm planning to bake a chocolate cake(store bought cakemix), Do you have any recipe that will be just right for this kinda cake and one that is not too expensive to do?I was planning to put berry preserves also while layering.. Help will be appreciated!:-) my email id is